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Bible Study for Jehovah's Witnesses: 3 John


vv. 1-4 At the end of the first century were Christians still "in the truth"?
Again, 4 mentions of truth in this brief letter's intro (see 2 John 1-4). Can we expect John's prayer that Gaius prosper (v.2) would be answered? Did not Jesus pray that his disciples' converts would also be kept by the Father? (John 17:11,12,15,20,21) Would Christ's wish that they be sanctified in truth (John 17:17,19) be thwarted by Satan for18 out of the next 20 centuries, despite Christ’s promise I am with you always [literally, all the days]? (Matt. 28:20)

vv. 5-8 John's fellow workers in the truth (v.8, NWT) went forth as witnesses to what NAME? (v.7;cf. John 15:21; Acts 1:8; 4:13-20, esp. vv. 18,19; 5:27-42, esp. vv. 28,30,40-42)

vv. 9-14 What are 3 characteristics of false teachers like Diotrephes?
1. They love to have the first place among believers (v.9, NWT)
2. They do not accept the apostles' teaching (v.9)
3. They attempt to throw out of the congregation those who remain loyal to the teaching and tradition of the apostles (v.10)