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Witnessing Tips Online

1. How To Meet / Find Jw's

A) News groups / usegroups

B) Personal Web Pages

C) Guestbooks

2. Holding A Discussion

A) Remember, they are people, they have feelings, don't scorn them or treat them with contempt

B) When talking to a JW remember you are an ambassador for Christ

C) Try to find common ground ie'God' 'Religion' 'Both Worship on Sunday'

D) Don't talk about the Trinity

E) Ask questions

3. Keep In Mind

A) Take time to pray for the people you witness to

B) Jehovah's Witnesses are under mind control, they may cut you off

C) You may be the only one to ever 'seed' a Jehovah's Witnesses, try to choose your words carefully

D) Try to ask questions, challenge them to think about what they believe

E) If you overwhelm them with information they will not respond

3. Typical Responses


I will report you if you contact me again. I consider this unsolicited
mail as invasion of my privacy. Be forwarned.

Steve Lay <> wrote:
> Bible based question:
> In light of the first chapter of the Gospel of Jesus a
true God
> or a false God
> Sherran Charb wrote:
> > You do not seem to have Bible based questions. If you have questions
> > other than that, here is an address you can visit that will give you
> > answers.