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Recommended Reading List

  All of Grace
by C.H. Spurgeon. - 128 pages.
" A true classic." The object of the book is the salvation message. Spurgeon was a great 19th century preacher and pastor.

More Than A Carpenter
by Josh McDowell. -128 pages

This book focuses upon the person who changed Josh's life-Jesus Christ. Good for skeptics.

Basic Christianity

by John R.W. Stott -144 pages

This book examines the character and claims of Christ and what it is to be a Christian.

Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis. -189 pages

Modern revaluations of Christian thought. Great for one who needs to think through the Christian faith.

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

by Victor A. Shepherd. - 87 pages

An easy reading book featuring 25 'Christian Greats' including C.H. Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Wilberforce and more!

The Apologia Journal

by various contributing authors.-30 pages

A quarterly journal covers a realm of subjects including church history, apologetics, cults and book reviews. Excellent source of information!

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