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Christian Links
Ministries / Teachers and Instruction: Most of Them Tried and True!

 C.S. Lewis: Defender of The Faith

 Resources on John Wesley

Martin Luther  

 John Calvin:Institutes of the Christian Religion

Spurgeon Archive  

  Classical Christian Theology

 John Stott Ministries 

 Stand To Reason

 Probe Ministries

 Breakpoint with Chuck Colson

 Reasons To Believe

   Christian Counseling with Sid Galloway

 Unraveling Wittgensteins
Suggestions On Reading The Bible

  Darkness to Light

 Gospel Communications

 Sion's Jewish Instruction Pages

 Canadian Bible Society

 Apologetics and Evangelism

 Christianity Today Archives
Bible / Christian Resources

 Voice of the Martyrs

 Bible Resources

 Blue Letter Bible

Christian Spotlight On The Movies 

 Win Bible


Christian Talk Radio
False Doctrine / False Teachers : BIBLICAL TEACHING IT AIN'T!

 Word of Faith Sayings

By Benny Hinn, Copeland , Hagin etc

 Kenneth Copeland

Find Out Why You Should Avoid This Guys Teachings!

 Benny Hinn

Find Out Why You Should Avoid This Guys Teachings!


Some Interesting Articles 

 The Word of Faith Movement

The Schlock That These Men Teach!


Jesus Died Spiritually Heresy 


Counterfeit Gospel


Different Gospels

(A good expose on cults and false gospels)

Slain in The Spirit

Interesting Article

Various Topics

 Secular Humanism

 Conservative, Liberal or Christian?

 Strange Secularism

 Truth Telling to a Truth-denying Generation

Outreach For Jehovah's Witnesses

 Reasoning In Balance With The Scriptures

A Site For Jehovah's Witnesses

 Gospel Information Pages

Very Informative!

  Unity and Conformity: (CULTS)

 Marks of a Cult


 Behind The Watchtower

 Reasoning With Jehovah's Witnesses

 A Former Jehovah's Witness



 He Sent His Word to Heal Us

 Stonewall Revisited

Places & Sites (Under construction)

 Sault Ste. Marie Northern Ontario

 Cottage Life on Lake Superior (pics)

 Sci-Fi Art A-Z

 The Twilight Zone

Cottage Life on Lake Superior (pics II)

 Steve's Sci-Fi Pics

 Audio Net Radio Stations Across The Continent

 Cottage Life on Lake Superior (pics III)