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What Does God Require of Us?

Questions for Lesson 1

How You Can Find Out What God Requires

Lesson 1 How Can You Find Out What God Requires?
Lesson 1.1: The Bible alone tells us what we must do to please God.
I believe that the Bible ALONE tells us what we must do to please you?
Q: I understand that the Mormons do not believe this...they actually think that we need additional materials....I believe the Bible is sufficient do you? Is it sufficient? see 2 Tim 3:16 (Do we need any other teaching tools?) I understand that he GB does not believe this....
Q: Do you believe this is true? Do we need WT materials?
Q: Why then do we need the 'What Does God Require of Us Brochure?'?
Q: Is the brochure necessary if the Bible alone tell us what we must do to please God?

Lesson 1.2: So God in heaven, not any human on earth, is the Author of the Bible. Christians affirm this teaching...that is the God is the author of scripture.

Note: There are six photographs of Jehovah's Witnesses studying the bible. Notice all study with Watchtower materials except for one on page 14.
Note: A footnote on page 31 (in Lesson 16) says you should read The Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life before you are baptized. Why, if the Bible alone tells you everything you need to know? The answer is, Jehovah's Witnesses really believe you need these publications in addition to the Bible in order to be a Christian. They claim to believe that the Bible alone is sufficient, but they do not really believe this in practice. (By Reese Currie, Compass Distributors)

Lesson 1.3: God made sure that the Bible was accurately copied and preserved. We will see that this is not true according to WTS lesson 2 paragraph 2 (page 4).

The question "How You Can Find Out What God Requires," is NOT FOUND in the Watchtower Brochure! This will save you time reading through the brochure! However, you can find the answer in the Holy Bible: John 6:28-29 NWT Therefore they said to him: "What shall we do to work the works of God?" In answer Jesus said to them" "This is the work of God, that YOU exercise faith in him whom that One sent forth"