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What Does God Require of Us?

Questions for Lesson 2

Who Is God?

Lesson 2.2: God has many titles but has only one name. That name is JEHOVAH. In most bibles, God's name has been removed....the name Jehovah appeared in it some 7,000 times!
In lesson one we are told that the bible was accurately copied and preserved...yet we are now told to believe that God's name has been removed.

Q: So which is true? Lesson 1 Paragraph 3 or Lesson 2 Paragraph 2?
If the bible is not preserved and God's name was removed....can we really trust the scriptures?
What else might be missing from the Bible if God's 'name' has been removed?

Q: Why did Jesus refer to God as FATHER and not by his 'Divine Name'?