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What Does God Require of Us?

Questions for Lesson 2

Who Is God?

Lesson 2.2: God has many titles but only one name..Jehovah (Part II)
Do you know that Jehovah is a combination of Adonai (Lord and Master) and 4 consonants (YHWH)?
Wouldn't you agree that the name is man made? Therefore it's a substitute right?
Ever wonder why they put LORD or GOD in the scriptures? It is because they did not want the divine name on the lips of pagans. Therefore translators did the same.
Do you want God's Holy Name on the LIPS OF PAGANS?
The book of Daniel...he didn't use the divine name unless behind closed doors.
Since the Apostles and the Lord Jesus used LORD / GOD and FATHER don't you think that is appropriate for us to use too?
What about Yahweh? ( I AM Ex 3:14 - The Self Existent One') That is also a name of God

Christians do use Jehovah (it's found in Bibles, theology books, hymnals) but it is not insisted upon as an " OFFICIAL NAME " or on a "must use basis."
* Knowing Jehovah's name doe not necessarily mean you are honoring his name!

Concerning God the Father...would you call your mom or dad by their first name?
Followers of Jesus believe that we are reconciled through the death of our Lord Jesus into newness of life and become a new creation. We then are adopted by God to be his children..

Q: Why would anyone insist on using a formal name when we can now call Him 'Abba / Father / Papa ' Jesus Christ demonstrated to the disciples?

Note: The word Jehovah is not found in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts from which English translations are derived...the Old Testament contains the name "Yahweh"- or, more literally, YHWH[the original Hebrew had only consonants]. (Ron Rhodes., (Reasoning From The Scriptures, p50).

Note: The word Jehovah is not actually a biblical term. (Reasoning From The Scriptures p 195).