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What does "presence" mean? The same Greek word is used in the following passages and refers to a bodily "coming" of a person to others resulting in his "presence" among them: 1 Cor 16:17; 2Cor 7:6f; 10:10; Phil 1:26; 2:12. And the word is even used in reference to Jesus' FIRST "coming" - which was in a body! (2Pet 1:16).

(Darkness To Light Ministries)


The Presence or Parousia of Christ (Quotes Paraphrased):

Mat 24:3-what will be the sign of your parousia?
Mat 24:27-For AS THE LIGHTNING comes from the east and SHINES even to the west, so will be the parousia of the Son of Man
Mat 24:37-As were the days of Noah, so will be the parousia of the Son of Man
Mat 24:39-they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the parousia of the Son of Man
1 Cor 15:23-resurrection...Christ the first fruits, then at his parousia those who belong to Christ
1 Cor 16:17-I rejoice at the parousia of Stephanas and Fortunatus...because they have made up for your absence
2 Cor 7:6-God...comforted us by the parousia of Titus
2 Cor 7:7-and not only by his parousia but also by...
2 Cor 10:10-His letters are weighty...but his bodily parousia is weak
Phil 1:26-I shall remain and continue with you all...because of my parousia to you again
Phil 2:12-obeyed...not only in my parousia but much more in my absence
1 Thess 2:19-our hope or joy...before our Lord Jesus at his parousia
1 Thess 3:13-that he may establish your hearts the parousia of our Lord Jesus